White paper

Our mission is to introduce a token that can be used for passive income & increase in price.


0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at Binance smart chain

Introduction to the COBRA mission:

Our mission is to introduce a token that can be used for passive income & increase in price.
This approach will bring wealth to holders & provide a non-stop source of funding to the project's marketing and development.
In order to achieve this, we will stake the majority of funds collected from taxes and use the staking rewards from this to help the project grow
(which will allow holders to gain a passive income).


We've studied many projects around and found that most of them fail due to the lack of marketing funds.
With our solution, assuming we collected 1000 BNB during the fair launch, 600 BNB will go the liquidity pool (locked for 1 year) and the majority of the 400 BNB will be staked at Pancakeswap in the $cake pool.
This is enough to bring about $10,000 monthly to the project that will be spent on advertising and development.
Let's assume there was $5 million trading volume the first month, that will be enough to bring about $200,000 to the project pool!
That will increase the monthly budget from $10,000 to $20,000 and so on.
A bigger marketing budget every month will assure a growing coin price.

Passive income:

4% buy and sell tax will be distributed to $COBRA holders in BUSD. (You can use it as a source of income or repurchase more $COBRA coin and increase your holdings to increase your income).


2% of every transaction will go into liquidity for Pancakeswap. (It's automatic and helps create a stable price floor).

Cobra Tokenomics:

10% buy and sell tax to encourage holding, discourage swing trading and to lessen whale manipulation (at times, our tokenomics may change in response to market conditions)


The Cobra team has taken several steps to ensure optimal security!
There’s a 12-month lock on the liquidity pool, so holders can be assured they can trade.
Cobra has invested in a contract audit from Audit Rate Tech, a blockchain security consulting firm. They’ve audited hundreds of smart contracts (saving investors millions of dollars). Audit Rate Tech worked with Cobra to ensure the contract had no vulnerabilities or any severe issues .
Team tokens are locked for 12 months - The team KYC’d through Pinksale.

Token information:

  • Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
  • Name: CobraSwap
  • Symbol: CBRS
  • Contract address: 0xxxxxx
  • Decimals: 18
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
  • Fair Launch Time: 30/05/2022
  • Liquidity Lock:1 Year